9th issue
Dear reader,

Once again our editors have put a lot of enthusiasm into preparing your magazine’s summer issue, for now is the time to wander down the streets of Siófok and dip into the waters of Lake Balaton, if only in your mind.

Lake Balaton is among Hungary’s most prominent natural resources and because of this is often referred to as the “Hungarian Sea”. The climate change threatening our planet is making us increasingly aware of how indispensable water is for our daily lives. You will find we have dedicated several articles in this issue to the subject of water and its role as an element of nature. To set off such serious topics as endangered water reserves or flooding we invite you to take a leisurely walk through the world of operetta, a world which is open to dreams and illusions. Incidentally, the Siófok-born Emmerich Kálmán was an excellent exponent of the genre.

As of the current issue we include an additional series for readers so inclined. Under the heading “Tarka-barka“ we will be publishing “false friends” - contributions from Mónika Kiss, our colleague in Brussels.

Some of you will no doubt be travelling to Siófok or Lake Balaton this summer. If you wish to share your Hungarian adventures and experiences with us and other readers send us a short travel report which we will happily print in one of our upcoming issues.

Wherever you spend the summer have a good and relaxing time and plenty to discover!

Kovács Tünde
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