5th issue
Dear Readers,

during the last few months we did not work exclusively on the present number of our magazine but have transformed also our website. We hereby want to highlight some of our new services: if you click on the expression „up to date vocabulary” on our website, you will be able to read and listen to a new word every day. This way, we want to make words which are used by the daily press more available to all our readers. We can also offer a premium service for the subscribers of our magazine: if they use their subscription number to log into our system, they will be able to listen to the complete text of each article and feel reassured that they are using the correct pronunciation in the particular paragraphs. Within the scope of this premium service they also have the possibility to consult our editors for questions related to the read article and the grammatical phenomena. Visit our website www.magyarultanulok.com, and check out our novelties.

Of course we will be waiting for your feedback and ideas (both by mail or email) in future too.

At the beginning of the eagerly desired spring season, we hope you can spend many hours of reading and also listening to our texts after a refreshing spring walk.

Tünde Kovács
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