4th issue
Dear Readers,

The summer is over and the courses have now begun. In the meantime, more and more readers have contacted us via email and on the phone to find out when the next issue of this magazine would appear. The pleasant answer is: now.

We would like to fulfil a request made by students of Hungarian. From now on, the whole declension paradigm for each noun will be included in the vocabulary lists. Next to its basic form, you will find its accusative, possessive (3rd person/singular) and plural endings, e.g. párna, -'t, -'ja; -'k. Brackets indicate when the plural form grammatically exists but is not used, e.g. sajtó, -t, -ja; (-k).

Not only students but also teachers of Hungarian have given us valuable feedback. For them, an opportunity for contribution is offered in the new "Ötletbörze" (Share your ideas with us) section. This is the place where they can share their ideas, games and worksheets. From the contributions received, one will be selected to appear, with the name of its author, in each following issue.

The book review contains a very special selection this time. It introduces you to new language books and interesting magazines.

Enjoy your reading.

Kovács Tünde
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