34th issue

Dear Readers,

The COVID-19 pandemic is putting a serious halt on our travels. We therefore decided to launch a new series: in each of our next issues we invite you to a faraway continent. Let’s go to Asia first! Our Országismeret section presents you the work of three prominent Hungarian orientalists and linguists. Their research span almost one and a half centuries; their dedication and capacity for work are exceptional even by today’s standards.

Our interviewees also let us have a glimpse into a few corners of the Orient. Thanks to her family ties as well as her work, Hesna Al Ghaoui, Hungarian–Syrian reporter and foreign policy journalist made countless trips to Asia. Economic attaché Ákos Madari, who learnt Mongolian as one of his languages, allows us an insight into the lives of diplomats. Japanese Takushi Matsui was captivated by the work of Zoltán Kodály, and, through his attraction to music, he has also mastered our language. Our Könyvjelző section was inspired by Japanese students: students at Osaka University majoring in Hungarian have for years been keeping a highly successful blog about intercultural differences between the two countries. We selected two of their entries.

So delve into the magic of the Orient and stay safe!

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