32nd issue

Dear Readers,

Do you like coffee? You do? Then enjoy browsing our articles whilst having a nice cup of coffee steaming by your elbow, as the key topic in this issue is coffee and cafés. If you haven’t been an avid coffee drinker so far, perhaps our articles will entice you to have a cup of freshly brewed, strong coffee.

Our Országismeret section peents the famous Budapest cafés the way they were and the way they are today. Look at the photos carefully as they invite you to take a time travel.

Fókusz, the ECT-teszt, and the exercises in módSZERtár also address the history of cafés from different aspects. And you may want to try and learn Endre Ady’s poem Kávéházban – it’s green light, so it shouldn’t be difficult!

In our last issue we acquainted you with the founder of SzeretLak. Now we continue the interview and give you a glimpse into the coffee labelling work of their workshop for persons with disabilities.

Having explored the topic of coffee and cafés, we venture into the maze of diplomacy. Read our amusing and informal report with the most popular diplomat in Hungary, HE Iain Lindsay, ambassador of the United Kingdom in Budapest, about language learning and poems. Piroska Pazaurek, Hungary’s honorary consul in Central Florida took time out of organising the First Hungarian Summit to give us an interview.

Have fun reading our new issue.

Tünde Kovács
Chief editor

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