31st issue

Dear Readers,

With this issue we celebrate the 15th anniversary of our magazine! This is the time that has elapsed since Hungary joined the European Union, as our first issue was published in June 2004, when Hungarian was added to the official languages of the EU.

We are grateful to all our readers, especially those of you who have been our faithful subscribers since the very first issue.

We celebrate our 15th anniversary with two surprises. Several of you order all back copies of the magazine. Issue 1 has long been out of print, but we will soon make it available in an electronic version. The other new feature is for our Chinese readers: from this issue on, we add a Chinese glossary to our articles. And here’s a special word a welcome to Becky Yeung, the new member of our editorial team, who prepares the Chinese translation with great care and enthusiasm.

And now, on to the topics addressed in this issue.

Probably you have also helped people in need on countless occasions and maybe you even do organised voluntary work on a regular basis. I am convinced that social cohesion is strengthened by volunteer work, charitable acts, selfless support and donations to help those in need. This issue brings you a wide range of examples for voluntarism, charity and relief organisations – people deserving respect and admiration, heart-wrenching stories, and examples to follow. We hope and trust that you will like our anniversary issue.

Have a pleasant summer.

Tünde Kovács
Chief editor

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