24th issue

Dear Readers,

Paging through Issue 24 you probably notice that we have dressed up our magazine: the font type is more modern and the size is larger, and the colour shades have been adapted to home printing. You may consider digital printing as an alternative solution: any digital print shop will print you the pdf file in a superior quality. In this way you will be able store your magazine in a folder and can physically turn its pages to your heart's content besides having the digital version.

The new appearance of the magazine gave us the idea to dedicate this issue's Fókuszban to external and internal attributes. Our resourceful illustrator has drawn many ingenious pictures to go with the playful exercises.

Portétár invites you to wander around magnificent places: the impeccably renovated stately home of the Károlyis in Fehérvárcsurgó, colourful Morocco, and Pajta Galéria, or Barn Gallery, at the Balaton Uplands.

Follow us to these multi-faceted locations and improve your Hungarian along the way!

We wish all our readers a Happy New Year:

Tünde Kovács
Chief editor

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