23rd issue

Dear readers!

Our latest issue sets a milestone for our magazine which is now into its 12th year. Many readers and we too know that we have to keep pace with the times to better react to influences from outside. That is why we have created an online version for the magazine. Our team will continue to put their efforts into providing you with useful and interesting articles with many ideas yet to exploit.

As part of the conversion there will be a time travel for you to embark on and delve into a brief history of Hungarian press. "Portrétár" will once again introduce you to a number of interesting personalities: we shall visit Rolf Schmidt's workshop to see beautiful old timers being repaired and renovated, leaf through Dani Helga's photo album, born in Budapest, raised in Lima and now settled in Vienna. We also managed to get the sound engineer of "Son of Saul", winner of the Grand Prize at Cannes, to talk to us despite his many commitments.

Join us on trip to the past and back to the future!

Many thanks to our subscribers for their years of loyalty and trust! We wish you all a pleasant summer!

Tünde Kovács
Chief editor

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