15th issue

Dear Reader!

The current issue would like to offer you entertaining reading at its best! Take a trip to the movies and the theatre, learn about Hungarian film and its short history and smile at the humorous anecdotes about some of our actors. Delight in the rare contemporary film posters provided courtesy of the Hungarian National Film Archives. Read a photo report on film director Csaba Bereczki and Miklós Malek junior, an artist living in LosAngeles and one of the mentors of the Hungarian X Factor.

We are continuing and expanding our cooperation with Hungarian universities. This time you will get to know about the great initiatives launched by staff at Miskolc university. Primary aim of the textbook series Együtthaladó is to develop the Hungarian language skills of migrant children living in Hungary. The project was implemented with the support of the European Integration Fund. For more information see sections Gyerekjáték and Könyvajánló.

Here is to a pleasant and relaxing summer from all of us at the editor’s office!

Tünde Kovács

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