14th issue
Dear Reader!

It was a Hungarian artist’s exhibition in Stuttgart which made us choose creativity as the main theme for our current issue. You will get to know five representatives from the fields of applied and fine arts who have either revived and refined the old traditions or taken entirely new approaches to create work for posteriority. They have designed numerous inventive pieces of furniture so you will find we have dedicated several articles to the subject of furniture.

Thanks to our colleague Edina Dragaschnig we were able to visit two far-away countries, India and Rwanda. Just imagine, the two interview partners could even have communicated in Hungarian had they wanted to, seeing as Indu Mazaldan from India, winner of the Pro-Cultura-Hungarica prize is a literary translator and Dr. Melinda Varga from Hungary is a medical doctor and psychiatrist working in Rwanda to help children overcome the atrocities of war.

We are also pleased to announce that Edit Hlavacska and Emese Pogány, two experienced teachers at the summer university of Debrecen, have joined our team to support us in our efforts.

There has been a change-over at personnel as well: Dr. Háryné Ágnes Bartha, our ECL test developer for many years, has passed the baton to her colleague Brigitta Rofrics. We take this opportunity to thank Ágnes for her long-standing commitment and welcome Brigitta aboard!

A Happy New Year from the editor’s office!

Tünde Kovács
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