13th issue

Dear Readers!

Here is our magazine’s current issue with a personal remark from the editor’s office: of all the issues published to date this is my favourite by far. Why so? Most of the articles are about the animal world. My father was a vet and some of my first memories are of me zipped into his leather jacket as he took me along on his moped to visit his patients, the animals, what else? He only made two exceptions where his patients were concerned: whenever my brother or I were sick he would also make us well again, so we never saw a „people’s“ doctor until we were grown up … Our latest issue is packed with many interesting, educational, entertaining and moving articles about the relationship between human beings and animals, especially horses. I trust that these and the colourful and humorous drawings our illustrator did for you with great enthusiasm will be a pleasure to young and old alike.

Happy browsing!

Tünde Kovács

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